The Shaarei Orah Beis Hamedrash Program

The Beis Hamedrash program operates from the Netzach Yisroel Kollel In NW London under the direction of Rabbi Yaakov Hamer.

Rabbi Hamer grew up in America. He spent 14 years learning in Yeshivos in Israel, including 10 years in Mir where he studied under Reb Osher Arieli and Reb Yaakov Freidman. He then returned to London as one of the founders of Dayen Ehrentreu’s Kollel in Edgware, where he stayed for three years. During that time, Rabbi Hamer delivered a variety of Shiurim to the community in a range of different subjects and remains a much sought after teacher. He is also the Rov of Finchely Central Synagogue.

Shaarei Orah is also fortunate enough to retain the services of Rabbi Eliezer Zobin. Born and educated in England, Rabbi Zobin recently returned to the UK, having studied in Israel for some 15 years. There he learned under some of the foremost Talmidei Chachomim of the generation. He has been a lecturer on both Gemorah and Hashkofa both here and in Israel, as well as helping to found a number of innovative in Eastern Europe and mentoring “Teenagers at Risk”. Currently he is a senior Maggid Shiur for Shaarei Orah and director of the Beis Hamedrash at Immanuel College.

The morning Seder runs from 9:30am - 1:00pm (followed by Mincha). This session consists of learning Gemorah in depth with a Chavrusa. Shiurim and Chaburos are given bi-weekly. The program is greatly enhanced by Nezach Yisrael Kolel which consists of a number of young Rabonim and Mechanchim from the local community. Not only does their presence enhance the Kol Torah and the atmosphere in the Beis Hamedrash, they also study the same subject as the Shaarei Orah students. The Kollel members also learn B’Chavrusa with the students and deliver shiurim. Although the bulk of the morning consists of Gemorah learning, those who wish to spend some time learning Halacha and Chumash have the option to do so. The program also offers a variety of Shiurim in Gemorah, Halacha and Hashkafa from leading Rabbonim and Maggidei Shiur. The effect that the strong learning seder has on the rest of the day is immeasurable.

Students will be expected to have achieved proficiency in Gemorah and Halacha that will enable them to continue independent learning. We will also consider applications from committed students with less experience. Acceptance will be dependent on positive recommendations from the Hanholo from the previous Yeshiva.