The Academic Study Centre

The academic study centre is run by Dr Shalom Springer.

Students are expected to enroll in courses at either an undergraduate or post graduate level. The centre staff assists students in obtaining their chosen degree providing guidance on their choice of courses together with tuition and support to assist students in achieving their academic goals. The academic centre has a broad network of professors, teachers and business professionals, qualified to tutor and guide students in a variety of subjects. All academic courses will provide a distance-learning basis from recognised and accredited universities. Currently all of our students are registered with the University of London International Programmes, which offers over one hundred high quality degrees. More information can be obtained at

The Centre itself, situated in Golders Green offers a wonderful study environment with a separate computer workspace, an academic library driven by study requirements of the students, photocopying facilities and tutorial rooms. Students are expected to be self motivated and study independently, with Dr. Springer in the Centre on a regular basis to ensure the students' needs are being met and to provide encouragement, help and advice where necessary. He regularly contacts students individually to monitor progress and ensure their needs are being met.

The Centre is always open, with afternoons generally being the busiest time. Rabbi Hamer and Dr. Springer are responsible for the pastoral welfare of the students and both are readily accessible via phone or email as well as at the Beis Hamedrash and study centre respectively.

Assessments are carried out by the tutors who provide regular feedback to Dr. Springer about student progress. Students meet the tutors for each course on a regular basis and it is during those meetings that study goals are set and assessed. Extra tuition is available as necessary.

Although the programme is designed for students looking for a strong Beis Hamedrash Programme and environment plus a high quality university degree, the programme is flexible to the needs of the students and therefore able to accommodate those who might only be able to participate in one of the two programmes.