About Us – And Rationale

Obtaining a high quality degree which is acceptable to recruiters and business professionals, while maintaining a serious commitment to Torah study has been a dilemma facing students during the past several decades. On the one hand, doing standard mainstream university has been at the expense of Torah study and sometimes appropriate surroundings. On the other hand, not obtaining a quality degree may compromise the students' sense of security for acceptance in the workplace. Several years ago, Rabbi Zvi Lieberman responded to this challenge by founding the Shaarei Orah Institute with the support and encouragement of leading Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim from both England and Israel.

Shaarei Orah is comprised of two separate departments:

A Beis Hamedrash Programme

An Academic Study Centre

Our Team

FOUNDER AND DEAN - Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Lieberman

Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Lieberman was born in Chicago Illinois in 1960 where his father was then a communal Rav and Head of the local Orthodox Jewish Day School. Rabbi Lieberman studied at the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia, Yeshivot in Eretz Yisroel and then at Yeshivas Tomchei Temmim Lubavitch in New York and Montreal from where he received Semicha from the Yeshiva and a personal Semicha from Rav Pinchas Hirshprung zt"l, then Chief Rabbi of Montreal. After involvement in various Jewish educational activities in Montreal, Rabbi Lieberman came to England in 1985 to lead the Kingston, Surbiton and District United Synagogue. In 1990 Rabbi Lieberman was appointed as Rav of the Edgware Adath Yisroel Congregation. While continuing in this capacity he is involved in numerous rabbinical and educational activities in the fields of Kashrus, as the Rabbinical Consultant to the Jewish Association for Business Ethics (www.jabe.org) and as a Maggid Shiur at the Hasmonean Beth Hamedrash Programme.

Executive Director / Rosh Beis Medrash - Rabbi Yaakov Hamer

Rabbi Yaakov Hamer grew up in America. He spent 14 years learning in yeshivos in Israel, including 10 years in Mir where he studied under R' Usher Arieli and R' Yaakov Friedman. He then returned to London as one of the founding members of Dayan Ehrentreu's Kollel in Edgware where he stayed for three years. During that time, Rabbi Hamer delivered a variety of Shiurim to the community in a range of different subjects and remains a much sought after Torah teacher. He is also the Rov of the Finchley Central Shul.

Maggid Shuir - Rabbi Eliezer Zobin

Rabbi Eliezer Zobin was born and educated in England. He returned to the U.K. after having studied in Israel for 15 years. There he learned under some of the foremost Talmudei Chachomim of the generation. He has been a lecturer in Gemoro and Hashkofo both here and in Israel, as well as helping to found a number of innovative Torah study programmes in Eastern Europe and mentoring "teenagers at risk". Currently he is a Senior Maggid Shiur for Shaarei Orah and is Director of the Bais haMedrash at Immanuel College.

Academic Director - Dr. Shalom Springer

Dr Shalom Springer studied for some years at Manchester and Gateshead Yeshivos following which he obtained an honours degree (BSc) in Mathematics from University College London, and a doctorate in Mathematical Physics at Imperial College London. Dr Springer then joined the Bank of England and enjoyed a highly successful, 26-year career, achieving the rank of Senior Official. Some six years ago he left the Bank to take up take up new pursuits in teaching and lecturing in Kodesh and Mathematics at various schools and Seminaries in London. He was recently appointed to the position of Academic Director of the Shaarei Orah Institute. He is a member of the SEED seminars lecturing team and is often invited to give talks on a variety of subjects.

Operations Manager / Finance - Rabbi Chaim Hoch

Rabbi Chaim Hoch recently moved to England where he immediately took up the administration of Shaarei Orah. He has studied in Yeshivos all over the world including in America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland and Israel.Most recently he spent a year learning in Kollel in the the Old City of Jerusalem. We welcome him and look forward to the wide breadth of experience and unusual sense of creativity that he brings to our team.